AM200/400 Series High Performance Control Valves

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For commercial, mechanical, light industrial and fire protectionn applications, AM200/400 series is the most specified line of control valves. Our control valves can be applied in applications demanding high-quality and thoroughly tested valves which offer many years of trouble-free service.

The AM Series Control Valve have following types as:

AM200 Series     Unbalanced Trim

AM220 Series    Top guided single seat control valves
AM230 Series    Top guided double plug relief pressure valves
AM230 Series    Top guided single seat shut-off valves

AM400 Series     Balanced Trim

AM450 Series    Cage guided double seat control valves
AM460 Series    Cage guided single seat control valves
490 Series         Cage guided Multi-hole control valves
AM480 Series    Cage guided Multi-stage pressure control valves


HLV AM200/400 Series Control Valves include pneumatic and electric globe valves and angle valves.Their application range covers control tasks in process engineering and industrial applictions as well as in supply and power plant engineering. The modularsystem allows easy retrofitting and servicing.The control valves consist of the valve and the actuator. They can be equipped with pneumatic, electric, electrohydraulic, or hand operated actuators.The valve bodies are available in castiron, spheroidal graphite iron, cast steel,cast stainless or cold-resisting steel, forged steel or forged stainless steel as well as in special materials. All parts of the valve and the pneumatic actuator housing in the completely corrosion resistant version are made of stainless steel.

HLV products are used in a broad range of applications, from simple water lines, to extremely corrosive chemicals, to nuclear power plants. HLV is a market leader in providing valves for difficult services, including:

Highly corrosive applications in chemical and petro-chemical plants
Chlorine gas (wet or dry), brine and caustic in the chlorine industry
Ultra-Pure 18 mega-ohm water and make up water in the semi-conductor industry
Bleached and brown pulp stock, caustic, white and black liquor, and all the bleaching chemicals (chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorate, chlorine, and sodium hypochlorite) in the paper industry
Acid plants using sulfuric, hydrofluoric, nitric and phosphoric acid
Ballast, crude, diesel fuel, fresh water and seawater in ship-building or on existing cargo, tanker or passenger ships
Large diameter (up to 12 inch) water lines in the power and water industries
Food applications
LNG liquefaction, LNG tanker ships and LNG receiving terminals