AM200/400 Series High Performance Control Valves

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Product General

• Cage guided
• Labyrinth trim
• Heavy loaded
• S-streamline liquid channel
• Big flow coefficient, wider rangeability.
• Low/high temperature in good performance and big differential pressure.


Face to Face according to API 609 T2
Pressure:ANSI 150~2500
Operating temperature:-200℃ to +538℃
Seal Leakage:Per ANSI FCI 70.2 ClassIV/V/VI

Data to be supplied when ordering

• AM480 series valves in accordance with type series booklet-Cage guided multi-stage pressure control valve. 
• Size, 
• Working conditions:nature of fluid,pressure,temperatuer,action.


AM480 Labyrinth 
Trim Structure 

AM480 Cage Guided Mluti-stage PressureControl Valve

AM480 series Velocity control is recognized throughout the industry as the only reliable long-term solution for the elimination of noise, vibration, and erosion. HLV is the leading velocity control technology; the preferred low-noise valve solution for pressure reduction. It features a multi-path multistage design that has been used successfully for over thirty years. The valve disk stack forces steam through a tortuous path of right angle turns to  control the pressure letdown and limit the fluid velocity,thereby limiting noise,and eliminating vibration and erosion. To deliver superior performance, the valve disk stack’s confi guration is custom designed to therequirements of each application

Hardened Trim— For applications requiring trim with superior wear resistance. The complete range is offered in two levels of hardened trims

*Partial Stellite is an overlay on the plug and seat ring surface.
*Full Stellite is an overlay on the complete plug contour, seat ring, plug seating surface and seat ring bore.

Versatile Trim Solutions—Various noise attenuation, anti-cavitation, and tight shut-off solutions are available within the standard AM470-490 product series.

HLV Low Noise Trim Technology Designed With Multi-stage Pressure Reduction

*Globe valve with pneumatic actuator.
*Valve body optionally made of cast steel, forged steel, stainless steel and high-alloy steels or special materials.
*Valve plug with meta or soft sealing.


– Extension section or bellows seal
– Buttweld or socketweld connections
– Heating jacket
– Electric actuator
– Additional handwheel
– Reduced trim
– High temperature trim

Fail-safe positions
Depending on how the compression springs are arranged in the actuator, the control valve has two different fail-safe positions which become effective upon supply air failure:
Actuator stem extends (FC)
The actuator springs close the valve when the supply air failure. Also as air to open.
Actuator stem retracts (FO)

The actuator springs open the valve when the supply air failure. Also as air to close.
Accessories . Positioners, limit switches, solenoid valves, etc.

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