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230 employees
80,000 butterfly valves,eccentric valves,control valves,actuators,etc.
Manufactured annually
Plant: Built in 1941, owned by the company itself 12000 m2 surface 8000 m2 of offices and production facilities


"We have a solution for all your control-related problems"

- this is our motto. After all, we are not just sellers of valves, we are control engineers with a passion for perfection.
As our business activities extend far beyond control devices, our customers enjoy considerable added value.
This means: our competence is not limited to valves alone - in fact we go much further… Indeed, we develop, produce and maintain actuators, sensors and control units. The extensive experience gained in this area is utilized in the training of staff and the development of new products.
Within a modern production environment we create products that outshine all others. We see ourselves as a highly motivated team, totally committed to its customers.


What makes us so successful ?
First and foremost our staff who are all specialized in fulfilling our customers' needs.

Whether in distribution, production, planning or procurement - we employ specialists in all areas.
Qualified production staff coupled with a state-of-the-art production environment assist in the fast delivery of high-quality customized products. We pride ourselves on supplying products that comply with a high industrial standard and operate problem-free for many years.

Both flexibility and supply capabilities are strongly dependent on the degree of priority assigned to warehousing. All the components within the HLV supply range are kept in stock.

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100% quality control

Machining of valve bodies

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