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FB-Series Gear Operator

FB-Series Gear Operator
FB-Series Gear opertaor
The compact FB series gearbox provides efficient,precise performance for quarter-turn manual override duties. The gearbox is specially designed to offer quick and simple operation of the highest torque valves when the air or power supply fails.

1.Compact and Flexible
By installing the FB override between the actuator and the valve/damper the overall valve package envelope is minimized, reducing the space required for installation. The override can be fitted to any quarter turn valve/actuator combination and can be retrofitted if required.


2.Travel Stops
The FB-Series offers bi-directional travel stopsallowing ±5° of travel adjustment to giveranges from 80 to 100°.


3 Safe & Simple Operation
A simple quarter turn lever controls the gearbox clutch action. To ensure safe operation a spring loaded locking pin must be manually disengaged before the clutch lever can be operated.


4 ISO 5211 Mounting Pad
The gearbox is designed to the latest ISO5211 interface standards, for optimum strength, andstandardized dimensions.


5 Torque Outputs
The FB-Series is available for torque output ranges from 225 to 9700 N.m.


6 Precision Gear Design
High precision, self-locking gears provide safe, positive manual positioning and extend gearbox life.


7 External Coating
The standard FB-Series paint specification is as follows;Sand blast to grad SA 2.1/2 (SSPC-SP50), Polyurethane primer, Polyurethane topcoat HLV also offers special paint specifications and coatings for any environment, from offshore and high temperaturs to chemical atmospheres.

FB-Series Gear Operator